Pioneer DJM 800 Review

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Pioneer DJM 800If you’re a DJ who does professional gigs, you surely know the difference that top-quality equipment can make on the way you sound. And when you’ve got a club full of people listening, you can’t afford to have your reputation trashed due to an inferior quality DJ Mixer. That’s why you need to find out more about the Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer. This is an audio tool that will take your sound to a whole new level. With all the effects you could want in a professional mixer, plus full MIDI capability, you can sound great not only at the club, but also when you’re putting together your own custom digital tracks.

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Massive Effects

So what kind of effects does a professional DJ mixer have? The Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer has them all. From Hi Pass and Sweep Filters to the patented Color Sound FX, the Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer has a full range of the effects you need to put your own signature sound on every track you engineer. If you work audio on any side projects, you’re sure to enjoy using the full range of effects to liven up any audio project. While it takes practice to become sufficient with a DJ mixer of this caliber, the Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer does include several user-friendly features that make it simple to jump right into any type of music project with ease.

Pioneer DJM-800 Pro DJ Mixer Features

• The highest sound quality available has made the Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer the default club standard all across the country
• Huge 24 bit effect section that includes the Sound Color FX so you can uniquely manipulate every track you work with
• Crush Sound FX with Hi Pass, Sweep Filters and true Crush effects
• Full MIDI controller capability with 61 triggers
• The harmonic mixing can detect whether or not music is on key and make the necessary tweaks to make every effect come out right

The Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer is just as easy to use at a live gig as it is at the studio, or in your own home. It has plenty of audio ins and outs to let you get your tracks on the computer or to interact with music-mixing software to make your own custom tracks. Having the Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer in your corner is like having a full-fledged studio for all of your musical creations.

Customer Reviews

While doing our in depth research for this Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer review, we found a few customer reviews that were very helpful. This DJ Mixer is one of the few products that has a perfect 5 star rating with real life customers, and that really demonstrates what a precision piece of musical equipment the Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer really is.

To take your game up a notch, the Pioneer DJM 800 Pro DJ Mixer is the musical tool you need to do it. From massive effects and the highest sound quality imaginable, plus intuitive controls, this is the DJ mixer you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about thePioneer DJM-800 Pro DJ Mixer :

If you want to step out of the bedroom and start playing in the clubs, you need to learn how to use the Pioneer DJM-800. This is the gold standard that most house/electronica clubs use.(Ryan G.)

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