Numark iDJ Review

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Numark iDJ

The Numark iDJ 2-channel mixer is the ideal piece of equipment for the iPod DJ.  This particular Numark mixer is the only iPod DJ console in its price range that offers XLR and video output, a built-in color screen, and multiple pitch modes for adding your signature style to your mixes.

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The Design

The biggest selling point of the Numark iDJ mixer may be the all-in-one design it offers digital DJ’s.  Instead of being tied down with laptops, mixers, modified turntables and a host of other equipment, the Numark iDJ 2-channel mixer gives you everything you need to get the job done on a single deck that measures just 16-inches wide, 12-inches deep, and 3-inches high.  Your two-channel mixer, music library, and complete DJ control surface all fits comfortably on a single surface.

The magic happens on the face of Numark iDJ mixer.  The entire system is built around a 4.25-inch color screen that allows you to select your songs and view your current playback status.  The adjustable iPod dock just above the screen offers a deep pocket to help keep your iPod, and all your valuable mixes, safe from falls and damage for those times you need to get a little crazy.  All of your mixing controls, including faders, jog wheels, buttons, and knobs can be found just to the right and left of the screen, giving you complete control in a compact space that allows you to get the job done in the most efficient and effective way possible.

As with many traditional DJ mixers, the Numark DJ mixer places most of your audio connections on the top edge of console.  The only inputs not along that top edge are your headphone and microphone jacks, which are conveniently placed along the edge of the console that faces you.

The ergonomic and attractive layout of the Numark iDJ mixer means you can mix your favorite beats in style and comfort.

The Features

The Numark iDJ 2-channel mixer may be compact, but that doesn’t mean it lacks features.  While knobs and gadgets are wonderful, and abundant on this little beast, the true brilliance of the Numark DJ mixer is found in its adaptability.

iPods change all the time and with most mixers that means every time you upgrade your iPod you also have to upgrade your board.  The Numark iDJ mixer solves that problem for you.  This Numark DJ mixer’s dock is already compatible with Classic, Nano, and 5G iPods, but it also comes with a multitude of other options for connecting your music.  You can also load your audio files through the generic USB port or route external audio files through the dual-line and phono input jacks found on the back of the Numark iDJ 2-channel mixer.

The wide range of ways to get your music pumping through your mixer isn’t the only place that the Numark iDJ mixer offers options.  This tidy little machine also offers a number of outputs, including balanced XLR and RCA outputs to use for your main mix, a separate RCA output for recording, and an S-Video output that lets you play your iPod videos on an external display.

Recap of the Highlights

Our Conclusion

The Numark iDJ 2-channel mixer offers more options for its price range than any similar mixer can.  No matter if you’re a new iPod DJ or a veteran of the craft, this Numark DJ mixer is the answer to all your problems.  The multitude of features gives you complete control over your show from a single board.  The Numark iDJ mixer frees you from the hassle of lugging around multiple pieces of equipment and gives you everything you need to put on the Earth shattering show that will get you recognized.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Numark iDJ:

For amateur DJs this is a great device to play to those small to medium size parties as well as being a great way to connect my iPod to my stereo system. (K. Smith)

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