NUMARK CD Mix 1 Review

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Numark CD Mix 1Whether you’re a pro DJ, hitting the local club circuit, or someone who just enjoys mixing music for fun with your friends, you’ve got to have professional quality tools to help you get the best sounds. The NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package is a package that equips music lovers with a pro-style mixing console that lets you mix, loop and lay down the beats like never before. Whether you just want to change up some existing tunes or create a whole new mix tape of your own, the NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package is the console you need to get the job done.

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Precision Control

When you’re mixing a track with your own signature sound, you need a DJ console that gives you the most precise control. The NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package puts you in the driver’s seat with a pitch/jog wheel that lets you easily set your cue points, so you can do what you want with the track. And with three different search speeds, you get the ability to easily breeze through your source tracks to get to the points you need quickly. You even get plus or negative 12 pitch control that allows you to really take control of how the tunes sound. With all these easy to use controls, you can customize any songs to your liking while staying on point with every beat.

NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package Features

• Precise pitch/jog wheel to set cue points and adjust the tempo
• 3 different search speeds to choose from
• Huge back lit LCD display to stay on top of your tracks
• +/- 12% pitch control
• Gets rid of dead space for you, automatically

There are plenty of DJ consoles out there, but not many of them allow you to easily take your act on the road. The NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package features an integrated CD player, so you can have all your tracks on hand and ready to jam. The superior sound of digital tracks means you don’t have to rely on less than stellar records, or carry around a big stack of platters, when you head out to play a gig. Put all your tracks and effects on one MP3 CD, and you’re ready to go out and knock ’em dead with your tunes.

Customer Reviews

You just can’t have a decent NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package review without talking about the real life customer comments. We looked around online, to see what real customers, who have used the NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package, have to say about it. The overall consensus from the customers is pretty amazing. The average score for this model is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Plenty of experienced DJs commented about the NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package being the best DJ console available for such a low price. And more than a few people commented about how easy it is to work with virtually any kind of track when you use the NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package as your DJ console.

If you’re ready to start showing the world your creative talents, the NUMARK CD Mix 1 DJ Package is the perfect tool to get your songs out to everyone or to simply mix some tunes for your own enjoyment.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the NUMARK CD Mix 1:

For the price, the quality of this product is unbelievable. It’s portable, allowing for quick setup and take down. It’s reliable and works very well with my other equipment.

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