Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 Review

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Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2

The Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 is a budget friendly solution for digital DJs of all skill levels.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this Hercules DJ console can help you hone your skills or blow the crowd away at your next show.  The simple console allows you to mix two digital tracks while using a wide selection of customizable options that range from basic EQ settings to onboard special effects and a multitude of digital scratching options.  Not only is the Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 packed with features for your next live performance, it is also incredibly portable, making it a solid choice for traveling DJs.

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The Design

The layout of the Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 is intuitive and easy to use.  Everything is almost exactly where you expect it to be.  The easy to learn layout of the board will have you spinning flawless mixes in no time.

All of that spinning is going to take its toll on your board though.  Professional and amateur DJs both need sturdy knobs and buttons on their board and the Hercules DJ console provides exactly that.  The cross faders on the Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 are solid and only move when you mean for them to move.  A pitch knob and EQ knobs give you complete control of mixes, and the two jog wheels work seamlessly.

While the design of the Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 is beautiful, one thing that may concern some is that the console is made out of plastic.  Plastic has scared some aspiring (and professional) DJs away from using this Hercules mixer, but it shouldn’t.  This DJ console is solid, and is durable enough to take the bumps and bruises it will encounter along the way.

The Features

One of the best things about the Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 is the multitude of features it has.  It comes complete with two separate decks, which makes it easy to select your digital tracks and have total control over each tracks performance.  Each deck is fully equipped with faders, jog wheels, effect options, and EQ customization.

If fiddling with all the knobs and buttons is still a bit over your head, the Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 comes fully equipped with a number of automated options for the beginner.  The included DJ software can suggest the best place for a track to start, allowing beginning DJs to spend their time developing their technical skills instead of figuring out the best place to begin a track.  Along with the automatic track cuing, this Hercules DJ console also offers automated looping by allowing the software to detect your chosen beat and automatically looping the track on counts of 1, 2, or 4.

Additionally, the Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 offers expansive options to help you imprint your mark on your mixes.  In addition to the EQ capabilities, this Hercules DJ mixer comes complete with on-board effects and accurate scratch controls.  Each control offers DJs a number of different options, allowing them to stamp their name and creative genius on each mix they make.

Virtual DJ 3D Limited is the software included with the Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2.  If you’re a beginner or just a hobbyist the included software offers everything you need to get your chops and break in your skills.  However, if you’re a slightly more advanced digital DJ, you will likely want to spend the extra coin and upgrade to Virtual DJ 6 Pro, which offers greater flexibility and control.

Another great little feature of the Hercules DJ console is the recording option.  Sometimes you just want to sit in your room, hook the mixer up to your pc or laptop and get creative.  Unfortunately, even if you make the greatest mix ever heard, no one will believe you if you did it alone in your room.  The MP3 e2 allows you to record your mixes at the touch of a button, that way the next time you come up with a great club mix you can share it with the world.

Recap of the Highlights


The Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2 is a steal at this price.  Marketed mainly as an entry-level board, this DJ console can be enjoyed by both professional and amateur DJs.  The mobility and wide range of features available make this a solid system for traveling digital DJs, and the intuitive layout and automated options mean this board is also great for those of you just learning the craft or messing around in your dorm room.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2:

I’ve dallied with many combinations of DJ software for the past 13 years all of which have been good, but always show their short comings relatively quickly as to why they would not be reliable or suitable to use as a replacement to a bulky CD/Mixer Case or Rack for mobile gigs.(David A.)

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