Hercules DJ Console RMX Review

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Hercules DJ Console RMX

The Hercules DJ Console RMX is one of the most popular and affordable mixers on the market.  In addition to its popularity, the Hercules RMX has received praise from consumers and reviewers alike.  Unfortunately, praise and popularity is not always a telltale sign of what you’re actually signing up for when you buy a DJ mixer.  What you need is a review that you can depend on, one that doesn’t pull punches and one that tells you exactly what it is that you have to look forward to when you make the decision to purchase the Hercules DJ Console RMX.

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The Design

The Hercules DJ Console RMX is built to last.  With metal reinforced construction you can rest assured that your Hercules RMX will last as long as you need.  However, all that metal does have a small drawback; it’s heavy.  Weighing in at around 11 pounds, it’s one of the heaver digital DJ mixers.

Aside from its solid construction, the Hercules DJ Console RMX features an eye-catching brushed aluminum face with 6 faders, 12 knobs, and 46 illuminated buttons, giving you the most control of any digital DJ mixer in this price range.  With all those knobs and buttons, you may be worried about having enough room to work the board in true DJ fashion.  At 14 wide and 10 inches deep, the Hercules RMX layout gives you all the room you need to work your magic with its spacious button and control layout.

The Features

If you’re in the market for a multifunction mid-level digital mixer the Hercules DJ Console RMX has you covered.  One of the best features of the mixer is its ability to work as both a USB audio card and as a MIDI hardware interface for your preferred DJ software.

The ability of the Hercules DJ Console RMX to serve as a USB audio card is almost enough by itself to make this a worthwhile purchase.  The Hercules RMX board gives you four channels of high-quality audio flowing to and from the board.

Aside from the four channels of audio, the amount of connections available on the Hercules DJ Console RMX is one of the most impressive of any board you can get your hands on for under $400.  The Hercules RMX board features two pairs of RCA and ¼-inch outputs coming from the back, a pair of RCA inputs for each of two audio channels (line and phono switchable), and two grounding posts for all of your older turntable needs.  The front and face of the Hercules DJ Console RMX also features two ¼-inch headphone and microphone jacks.  All of the inputs and outputs add up to one of the most flexible pieces of digital DJ equipment you can find.  In other words, with the Hercules DJ Console RMX you can hook your turntables, CD players, speakers, and microphones all into one machine, which is easily connected to your Mac or PC for all of your digital mixing desires.

Recap of the Highlights

Our Conclusion

The Hercules DJ Console RMX is a great mid-level mixer for DJ’s of all levels.  For beginners it’s a great board to learn the craft as you continue to improve your mixing talents.  For intermediates, the Hercules RMX provides a mixing board that you can take to any gig and show off your skills as you get the crowd off their feet and rock the house.  Advanced DJ’s will probably want a board that offers a bit more flexibility than the Hercules DJ Console RMX, but it’s a great board to serve as a backup for when things go wrong with your favorite pieces of equipment.  Throw in the dedicated VirtualDJ 5 DJC Edition mixing software and you have a board that not only looks great, but also gives you all the power to take your mixing talents to the next level.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Hercules DJ Console RMX:

I initially bought the Hercules MKII, but returned it when I found this one for $80 dollars more. It’s been fantastic and user friendly. Using Virtual DJ, you can program up to 12 different effects.(Alex H)

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