Hercules DJ Control Steel Review

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Hercules DJFor years, Hercules has been known as the maker of some of the highest quality digital sound cards in the world. Professional musicians have come to rely on being able to produce the best sounds with Hercules sound cards, so it was only natural that this company began to expand and offer even more tools to serious musicians. Their Hercules DJ Control Steel is one of their flagship products and it has a lot of professional DJs sitting up and taking notice. This is a full feature DJ console that gives you total control over every track with the audio effects that you’d only expect from DJ equipment that costs thousands of dollars more than this model.

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Classic Control Panel

If you’ve been a DJ for some time, you know that there is a classic set up that every serious DJ panel has to have. You can’t effectively scratch or use your effects if things are not in the right spot. The Hercules DJ Control Steel has every control in just the right spot for the most effective place for intuitive mixing and scratching. And since the Hercules DJ Control Steel gives you plenty of space on the control panel, you can easily move your hands about to make every song take on your distinct style. Some DJ consoles try to cram every control into a few inches on the console, but this model gives you the space you need to comfortable mix all of the music you work with.

Hercules DJ Control Steel Features

• An advanced DJ console and digital audio mixer with dual decks on a smooth steel surface
• 2 of the most precise jog wheels with easy to adjust resistance
• 13 rotary switches, 6 faders and 46 push buttons give you the ultimate control over your music
• Plenty of space to move your hands on the console board
• Works with all the best DJ software programs with MIDI instructions
• Comes with Virtual DJ 5 for use with Macs and PCs
• Lightweight and portable with a convenient carrying case
• USB port
• Dimensions: 13 x 9.7 x 2.6 inches

With its portable size and the included carrying case, the Hercules DJ Control Steel is one DJ console that you can use in the studio and then take with you to your next gig. It’s important to have your DJ console with you wherever you go, so the Hercules DJ Control Steel is the perfect DJ console to make great music on the fly.

Customer Reviews

While doing research for this Hercules DJ Control Steel review, we took a quick look at the customer reviews. We were blown away by what we found. The Hercules DJ Control Steel has a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Some music professionals, who reviewed this DJ console, said that this is one of the best DJ consoles currently available.

We’re sure you’ll agree with those pros when you start using the Hercules DJ Control Steel for yourself. From creating your own custom tracks on the computer to playing professional gigs and dazzling the crowd with your skills, the Hercules DJ Control Steel gives you the high quality performance that today’s DJ demands.
Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Hercules DJ Control Steel:

I love my Hercules RMX, but as my shows are getting bigger I’m starting to produce some of my music and using more effects so I switched to the Steel.(Alex)

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